Brake failure in black patent flats

With this post I’d like you to recall my last brake failure video where I was wearing a pair of shining black pattent ballet flats when excidently my brakes stopped responding and I in panic was calling to my man to ask for help or smth, but being very nervous I just shouted hysterically on the phone, I even threw the shoe off from the right foot to push better on the brake pedal but it woudn’t help! .. a really nervous video, check it out here!

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Brake failure in pointing beige pumps and nude stockings

Get excited but don’t worry … everything is ok with me after this “mortal” brake failure vid… beige pumps, nude stockings and me desperately trying to stop that damned car the brakes of whiche wouldn’t respond to my drastic pushingsWatch the teaser on my FB page¬† or
Here is the whole 10-minutes thrilling movie