Good night kiss

Hey guys!
Have a nice week .. at work! I’m just pleased that it’s chilled out a bit outside.. finally the fall has come! and I’ve already had my pantyhose back on my legs the other day!
I’ll post something to show you this performance in these days.. and by now just a good night kiss;))


Barefoot dangling and shoeplay in rose patent pumps

Hey guys!

Here’s a GIF of a short video .. stricktly speaking, of the first part of a custom stomping video in which you’ll see me turning back home wearing my beautiful Gianvito Rossi rose patent pumps on my bare feet.

I sitted on the couch to relax my self a bit and to check on the email on my phone while moving softly my tired and sweaty feet inside the shoes …

Watch the whole video here!

Cherrish your beloved!

Here it comes again! The international day of people in love .. are you ready, guys?
I hope so that you have that beloved second part of yours who always stays behind you, who’s always there for you, to cherrish and to encourage, to laugh together and to cry when it comes to tears, even to piss you off sometimes, but still he/she remains the only person in the world you want to embrasse and to say I love you!
I have this person already .. Oh my Gosh! – for 12 years! and I’m still crazy about him even if I have to admit I make him go mad very often :(( I still love you, Nyl! I’ve always done and I’ll always do!

Happy V.D.!