Sensual foot massage made by Petra to me

It’s been a while that I don’t shoot any video with my sweet girlfriend Petra, I guess I should ask her to make something hot for you guys.. And now that you’ll be waiting for a new vid with her, let me introduce you “behind the curtains“.. I cut out some scenes from our old foot massage video where we were just having fun and chatting about private things (I cut out too private respecting Petra’s privacy)
If you’d like to refresh this video in your memory, just click here and enjoy!


Nice foot massage to my hosed burning feet

I turned back home wearing my beautiful So Kate Louboutins and a pair of sheerest flesh-coloured pantyhose. They’re as gorgeous as uncomfortable and tight, and I couldn’t stand it anymore longing to take them off asap. Dropping off the shoes, I slightly massaged my soles feeling so good and so relaxing. I would move my fingers all up and down the hosed soles pushing on the most burning and aching parts dreaming there was someone else to lick and to bite a bit them for me…

Watch and get excited here!

Footsie in the car with my baredark nailpolished feet

Hey guys!
You get excited when seeing a girl getting on by her feet sliding up and down her man’s calf and.. crotch, even more if this man is you, don’t you?;)
Here you’ll see me asking my man to make a relaxing massage to my burning blistering feet, and while he was massaging my feet I start massaging his crotch …

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