Hard driving in So Kate black patent Louboutins

Here’s a teasing GiIF in which I wear my So Kate Louboutin patent pumps to drive and torture my car with those sharp red verniced high heeles.

As I gently caress the gear stick, my right foot in that gorgeous shoe abuse and push hard the gas pedal to get made my car’s engine …
Adore my pedal pumping feet here http://www.clips4sale.com/2011/17164356



Cherrish your beloved!

Here it comes again! The international day of people in love .. are you ready, guys?
I hope so that you have that beloved second part of yours who always stays behind you, who’s always there for you, to cherrish and to encourage, to laugh together and to cry when it comes to tears, even to piss you off sometimes, but still he/she remains the only person in the world you want to embrasse and to say I love you!
I have this person already .. Oh my Gosh! – for 12 years! and I’m still crazy about him even if I have to admit I make him go mad very often :(( I still love you, Nyl! I’ve always done and I’ll always do!

Happy V.D.!

Footplay on my man’s face on high way

Hey guys! How’s your evening?
Here I share a GIF of the video I shot in my man’s car after a long walking through the furniture stores, my feet were burning and the soles moaning of pain and exhaustion, so I started to massage them grunting of relief .. then he started the car and we went home, and when we were already in the high way, I started teasing him by stroking my hosed feet against his pants, and then just puting those smelly hosed babies into his mouth to get sucked and kissed all over my aching feet …
You’ll find this video on my C4S store, I just uploaded it! Check it out!



Stoming custom video and massaging my man’s balls

Hey guys!
I want to share this backstage video from a custom video we shot yesterday night.

It’s a vid in which I was trying to kick my man’s balls with my Gianvito Rossi’s rose pumps, and he would get my leg between his legs making me moan and grunt of main and massaging his balls with the hosed part of the foot πŸ™‚)
A complecated video to make since it’s a really hard thing to struggle for like an hour in the midnight πŸ™‚) Check these scenes out!

a b c e


Rose Gianvito Rossi’s pumps and black leather-styled leggings starring

Hey there!
Are you ready for the coming WE? I’m planning to finally shoot the custom video with these Gianvito Rossi’s pumps. That will be a very cool video;))
maybe you have some freaky cool ideas too?

Contact me on nyllady@gmail.com to have your own personalized video, with me starring in it;))!!

img_0072 img_0078