Sensual driving for shopping in super comfortable pink and black flops

Hi guys!
It’s finally Friday! and I’d like to wish you a great WE!
As for me, I’ll go shopping … maybe another pair of shoes?!
Wanna see me going for this shopping ride in my lovely pink and black flip flops? Then watch this one!
I’d go for miles driving in these awesome footwear but.. I just love take my shoes away while driving to feel better my car’s pedals, to controll her and to massage my bare feet with that warm metal ..

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Sensual barefoot footsie in a restaurant

Hey guys! What’s up?
Wanna see how I spent my evening? Here’s a short video of my barefoot adventure into my husband’s crotch;)) you’ll see me dangling frenatically with my floral flops under the table, then I dropped them off and .. came upper and upper sliding along his calf up to his

Enjoy a sexy teaser on my FB page here or

Watch the whole 10 minute video here



Pedal pumping and driving in black pumps on barefoot

Here’re some shots my man made of me when making a new custom pedal pumping video, with my bare legs and feet wearing just those lovely patent pumps which I had to take off and to proceed pushing the gas pedal barefeet, and it was rather cold outside! Such an ecxiting and.. chilling sensation!

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Sensual dangling and seducing in black Wolford pantyhose and black pumps with metal heels

Here you’ll see me almost naked talking to you to get you excited about my sheer and delicate black Wolford pantyhose while slowly dangling with my thin-heeled black pumps .. then I’ll let one shoe to drop off to rub it with my hosed feet and to footjob its thin metal heel

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Cool fast driving in floral flats on barefeet

You know how fond I am of fast driving, pushing my car’s gas pedal even trampling on it to make it drive faster, so I just arch my right foot as high as  I can and push drastically up and down, then slightly slowing down to restart again …

Here you’ll see me doing this job with my bare feet wearing a new pair of flats pedal pumping my car while driving fast on a Tuscany speed way.. you’ll see my pleased face ’cause I adore driving…

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