Barefoot footsie with my brisky red nailpolished feet at MacDonalds

I know I shouldn’t have risk that much at such a public place as MacDonald’s restaurant, but I really wanted to caress my husband’s calves and let him know that he’s only mine, and that he’s always under my foot control. First, I was just casually dangling with my cloth ballet flats by Laura Biagiotti, and that made me really hot! He was sitting right in front of me, so it was such a pleasure to stretch my legs and to embrace his calves with my bare feet.. I would slightly touch the edge of his trousers to let him know that something exciting was coming up soon. My flats went off, and now my brisky toes were sliding up under his trousers caressing his calves and trying to pull the socks off to tickle and to tease him …

You can find this video here! 


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